Vanessa restored my respect for the real estate profession

Edward W. Brell , 28 Nov 2018

About Vanessa

To whom it may concern,

A week barely passes without receiving mail offers by Real Estate Agents to sell my unit in Maroochydore. Typically, the offers would proliferate with self-aggrandizements of the agent’s abilities. Some claimed to have buyer’s waiting. After 18 months and three agents with “buyers waiting” I became somewhat cynical.

Against this background, I received a letter from Vanessa Elliott, devoid of the customary breast-beating, but stating a simple fact that she had sold a unit in the adjoining block for a certain sum. Since my asking price was less than this sum, I was encouraged to try again.

Vanessa’s no-nonsense approach achieved results and restored my respect for the profession. Within two weeks of appointment, she had produced someone who made a serious offer. Although lower than my expectations, it was delightful to receive any offer. In the ensuing week, during vacation in Hanoi, Vietnam the Hotel staff placed a message under my door to contact her urgently. I was reluctant to ring, the time difference making it 10.00pm in Brisbane. Her friendly voice confirmed that another party had signed a contract for an amount close to my asking price. After many phone calls emails and faxes, a deal was consummated.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective seller who wants results rather than flattery and excuses.

Edward W. Brell BSc MEng RPEQ