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Please note that applications will not be processed unless all information is supplied. Each applicant must complete a separate application form. The property will not be held for you until the application has been approved and secured with a deposit. We recommend that you advise your referees to expect us to make contact with them, to ensure your application can be processed in the shortest time.
Please be aware that it is our office policy not to give any reason for non-acceptance, if your application is not approved.


If your application is approved, we will require you to sign and receive a copy of your Tenancy Agreement and other relevant documents. All persons on the lease agreement must sign the tenancy agreement prior to the tenancy commencing. You will be required to pay a minimum of 2 (two) weeks rent to secure the property.

Prior to taking possession of the property, we require two weeks rent and 4 weeks bond. If your weekly rent is more than $700.00 per week, the bond may vary.  We do not accept bond transfers and do not transfer Department of Housing Bonds.

It is our company policy that all rental payments are to be made direct to the bank. We offer two (2) forms of banking methods. (1) Periodical payments or (2) Internet transfer payments, please allow 2 working days for the funds to be received.

Please note - Bank cheques will be accepted, No Personal cheques will be accepted.


It is the tenant’s responsibility to connect the utilities and to ensure that they are disconnected at the end of the tenancy. All connection costs and deposits are the tenant’s responsibility. We have formed an alliance with Direct Connect, a specialist utility connection service provider, who can assist you in connecting and disconnecting your phone, gas, electricity, internet and insurance when you move into one of our properties and also when you choose to leave. Better still the service is completely free of charge.


When you move into the property, be very particular with the condition report and make sure you mark down anything not already outlined on the report. If you do not mark it down, you will be liable for discrepancies when you vacate. You must return the Condition Report to our office within 3 business days from receipt. Keep a copy of the report in a safe place during your tenancy, as you will need to refer to the report when vacating.

If you need any maintenance, you will need to complete a separate Maintenance Request Form.